Write a program to reverse a 5 digit number in c

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Program to find out whether a entered number is divisible by 3 and 5 or not

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Display each digit in words - C Program

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Python Program to Reverse a Number

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C Program to Find Sum of First and Last Digits of a Number

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C Program Write a Program to Sum of N Number. C program to reverse a number. To invert a number look at it and write it from opposite direction or the output of the program is a number obtained by writing the original number from right to left.

C program to find reverse of a number. #include Reverse number C program using recursion. To make a program like that we need to access every digit individually of entered number from last; C++ Program to Reverse a Number Reverse of number means reverse the position of all digits of any number.

Java Program to find Armstrong numbers with Example

For example reverse of is Reply Delete. Replies.

C program to reverse a number

1 – Introduction Lua is an extension programming language designed to support general procedural programming with data description facilities.

It also offers good support for object-oriented programming, functional programming, and data-driven programming. i have to reverse the position of integer like this input = output = i made this but it gives wrong output e.g #include using namespace std; int main(){ int.

Write a program to reverse a 5 digit number in c
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