Write a character sketch of patol babu by satyajit

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Study Material and Summary of Patol Babu, Film Star NCERT Class 10th

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write the character sketch of Patol ...

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He felttowards the job more than the money he would make from the job. Patol Babu was a meticulous man with a lot of perseverance.

He was a very talented man who was gifted with the art of acting. He never lost faith in reality and overtook all. Study Material of Patol Babu, Film Star (Summary, Character Sketch and Word Meanings) Summary of the Chapter One morning, as Patol Babu was about to go out shopping, his neighbour, Nishikanto Ghosh, came to visit him.

‘Patol Babu, Film star’ is a story about Patol Babu who once had been in great demand for stage shows. There was a time when people bought tickets just to see him. But now after losing his job he had a very hard time to settle, when finally his friend offered him a role in a film.

The writer introduces the main character of the story – Patol Babu. Patol Babu was leaving for the market, with his shopping bag on his shoulder. Just then Nishkanto Ghosh came and called out to him. Satyajit Ray clearly explains that dedication and self satisfaction is the greatest reward or recognition a person can get.

Patol Babu, a meek and marvellous man is given the role of an absent minded pedestrian in a Baren Mullick film. Patol Babu is shocked and disappointed when he /5().

Write a character sketch of patol babu by satyajit
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