Wireless security master thesis

Master of Cybersecurity

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M.S. in Cybersecurity - Courses and Degree Requirements

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Master of Science Information Assurance and Cyber Security

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M.S. in Cyber Security and Privacy

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PhD Thesis

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A thesis paper forms the Capstone of this Master of Science in Technology Management program. The Capstone is a comprehensive research paper encompassing the learning from the students’ coursework in the program. Master of Science in Telecommunications The Telecommunications program offers hands-on learning opportunities in telecommunications systems, computer networks, policy and management, wireless systems, and network security so that you will find a rewarding career in industry, government, education or the nonprofit sector.

Nidhi’s Master thesis was about the integration of ad hoc networks and cellular networks. The PI extracted part of her thesis work for students’ lab.

This group used OPNET to build an integrated “Wireless security is totally different from Internet security. I learned a lot from this lab.

Rest Easy with a Wireless Home Security System

Cornell. In this thesis, we will focus on the privacy aspect of various protocols in context of Wi-Fi networks. The main research question is: \To what degree does wireless networking impact the privacy of its users?". phd research topic in wireless sensor networks phd research topic in Wireless sensor networks is an ongoing research area which can give experience and insight into real systems.

It requires researcher to unearth solutions which can break new ground in the field of WSN for challenging problems.

Wireless security master thesis
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