Tikanga business plan

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A Māori business is a business that identifies itself as a Māori business. It will be owned by Māori and may be predominantly staffed by Māori. Typically, it will strongly value Māori culture and tikanga. Engagement Plan: Having in-house Māori expertise would go a long way in supporting engagement (not just with the Māori tourism sector) but that requires greater consideration.

TIA, when forming its business plan for each year, should consider the role Māori could play in each of the strategic priority areas.

Their Tikanga, or values, Taonga, the land and water, and Manaakitanga, their people and the characteristics they had as human beings. Their plan focused on. ORGANISATION OF TE KAUPAPA HERE ME NGA TIKANGA (BEST PRACTICE MANUAL) Te Kaupapa Here me Ngā Tikanga is organised into following sections: 1.

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Vision, Mission Statement, Ngā Uaratanga – Guiding Values and Principles, Strategic Plan Summary, Organisational Structure 2. Trust Board Charter 3. Operational – General, Marae Hire, Financial, HR 4.

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Best practice for embedding adult literacy and numeracy Ngā tikanga e tau pai ai ngā mahi ako pānui, Release of Plan Guidance for Release of Plan Guidance for ; Business case guidance and templates for TEIs He aratohu tono pakihi me ngā tauira mahi mā ngā TEI.

Marae development planning – A marae development plan is needed for all other Oranga Marae investment. If needed, an advisor can help a marae apply for financial support to create the plan.

If needed, an advisor can help a marae apply for financial support to create the plan.

Tikanga business plan
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