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Guidance on Writing a Philosophy of Teaching Statement

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Guidance Philosophy

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Child Guidance

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Child Guidance Philosophy Learning is not something young children watch. Learning is something they do. Author unknown. I believe that each and every child is different and unique.

Their cultural upbringing, abilities, backgrounds, experiences and skills are what make them diverse individuals. My philosophy for child guidance is that, this is primarily the responsibility of the parents. But quite often this privilege also falls on teachers to help assist in this process.

Being raised in an environment, as a child where respect for adults was taught and respect for yourself was praised, have really effected how I would like to shape my own philosophy of guidance. If these values are instilled in children from a very young age, they're going to become part of their own personal values and beliefs.

The child guidance philosophy at Luv-N-Hugs Family Child Care is that all children should be valued as individuals and given every available opportunity to learn from their experiences.

The philosophy of childhood has recently come to be recognized as an area of inquiry analogous to the philosophy of science, the philosophy of history, the philosophy of religion, and the many other “philosophy of” subjects that are already considered legitimate areas of philosophical study.

The Philosophy of Childhood Philosophy child guidance
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