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Nixdorf Computer AG

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The corporate history of Nixdorf Computer AG

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The corporate history of Nixdorf Computer AG

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The Nixdorf company invented the Nixdorf System in which was very successful, in Nixdorf bought the Wanderer-Werke and renamed the company in Nixdorf Computer AG 4. Paderborn – Paderborn is a city in eastern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, capital of the Paderborn district.

Nixdorf Computer

Nixdorf Computer AG Furstenalle 7D PaderbornFederal Republic of Germany() Fax: () Source for information on Nixdorf Computer AG: International Directory of Company Histories dictionary.

The breakthrough came for the company inwhen a freely programmable small computer was built. This system, called the Nixdorfwas tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of price and performance.

The products of Nixdorf Computer AG

InSiemens took over the majority of shares in the NCAG, merged it with its own computer department and renamed it Siemens Nixdorf Informationsystems AG (SNI).

Since SNI is a % subsidiary company of Siemens with its own rights. Nixdorf Computer topic. Heinz Nixdorf Nixdorf Computer AG was a West German computer company founded by Heinz Nixdorf in Headquartered in Paderborn, Germany, it became the fourth largest computer company in Europe, and a worldwide specialist in banking and point-of-sale systems.

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Nixdorf computer ag
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