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Flynn ensured that he would "ever so much better. The phone of death was a result of building trouble. Margaret, 86, of Mims, flashed Wednesday, June. john flynn - Obituary Condolences John 'Jack' Flynn Devoted husband, father, and grandfather, proud U.S.

Army veteran John"Jack" Flynn of Bernardsville, N.J., passed away March 23,at home surrounded by his loving family after a long illness. John S. Biagioli. November 15, John S.

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Biagioli, 69, a resident of South Scranton, died Thursday at home after an illness. His wife of 45 years is Janice Kolata Biagioli. John Sidney Barrymore (né Blyth; February 14 or 15, – May 29, ) was an American actor on stage, screen and radio.

A member of the Drew and Barrymore theatrical families, he initially tried to avoid the stage, and briefly attempted a career as an artist, but appeared on stage together with his father Maurice inand then his sister Ethel the following year.

Errol Leslie Flynn was born on 20 June in Battery Point, a suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, father, Theodore Thomson Flynn, was a lecturer () and later professor () of biology at the University of mother was born Lily Mary Young, but shortly after marrying Theodore at St John's Church of England, Birchgrove, Sydney, on 23 Januaryshe changed her.

Welcome to John Flynn Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. East State Street, Hermitage, Pa () "We Serve Your Faith" John Flynn Funeral Home and Crematory is dedicated to providing each family we serve with a funeral that is consistent with their wishes.

Pawtucket Gazette & Chronicle Friday June 15, FATAL ACCIDENT A man by the name of Patrick Flynn, an Irishman, was killed almost instantly on Wednesday morning last, in Mill street, in this town.

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