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The Character and Legacy of Henry II

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Edward the Black Prince

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In Vietnam women have always been in the forefront in resisting foreign domination. Two of the most popular heroines are the Trung sisters who led the first national uprising against the Chinese, who had conquered them, in the year 40 A.D.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a kind and courageous first lady. She was the first wife of a president to have a political career of her own. She was very important in the fight for hu man rights.

She. Birth* circa London, England Marriage* Principal=Emme (?) 2,3 Marriage* Principal=Eleanor Poole 1 Death* June 4: Apprenticed* London, Middlesex, England, He finished his apprenticeship to Thomas Faulconer, mercer.

Queen of Pain

5 Occupation. Medieval Architecture, Knightly Life, and Medieval Society. This site aims to look at Medieval history through means of selected topics regarding the Medieval Society and its customs. Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine impacted life in Medieval Europe in more ways than one.

Her impact revolved around the role she played in many fields.

10 Most Influential Women who Shaped History Impact of eleanor of aquitaine in
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Flanders, Brittany, Burgundy, Anjou, Normandy, Blois, Champagne, Toulouse, etc.