History of punishment

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Crime and Punishment in Plymouth Colony

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And it is unreasonable that Cain did not ask the threats of judgment as graduating endless woe, for his fears are all do to the whole - the dread of other, of being killed, and the limitations of the life of an idea and a vagabond. A punishment is the imposition of an undesirable or unpleasant outcome upon a group or individual, meted out by an authority—in contexts ranging from child discipline to criminal law—as a response and deterrent to a particular action or behaviour that is deemed undesirable or unacceptable.

The reasoning may be to condition a child to avoid self-endangerment, to impose social conformity (in. There are excellent sources available for those interested in the history of capital punishment. The following pages contain a brief summary of that history, with an emphasis on developments in the United States.

A list of sources used in this summary is available at the end of Part I and Part II. Punishment is the practice of imposing something unpleasant on a person as a response to some unwanted or immoral behavior or disobedience that they have displayed.

Punishment has evolved with society; starting out as a simple system of revenge by the individual, family, or tribe, it soon grew as an institution protected by governments, into.

In Crime and Punishment in American History, Friedman writes: In the eighteenth century, the death penalty was invoked less frequently for these crimes.

Even in the seventeenth century, most sexual offences were petty, and the punishment less than severe. Mild—but amazingly frequent. Crime and Punishment; this gallery considers whether the Middle Ages were lawless and violent, using documents from The National Archives.

Collective punishment

An eyewitness account of Puritan justice. T his is the story of Mary Latham an eighteen-year-old girl who strayed from the moral path of her Puritan community and paid for her transgression with her life. Mary suffered from unrequited love. Spurned by the object of her affection, she resolved to wed the first man who came along.

History of punishment
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A Short History of Petticoat Discipline