Georgian alphabet writing activities

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Georgian scripts

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Georgian Alphabet

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Georgian language

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At first, the Georgian Mkhedruli script looks like more than a challenge, a bunch of squiggles and loops. Georgian is a fascinating language spoken in Georgia, a small but beautiful country located in the Caucasus.

It is written with a unique alphabet which, despite apparences, is quite easy to learn. This website offers you to learn the Georgian alphabet for free. Georgian alphabet (Mkhedruli) Origin. The Mkhedruli alphabet developed from an older Georgian alphabet known as Nuskhuri between the 11th and 13th centuries.

The name Mkhedruli comes from the word mkhedari which means 'of horseman'. The Nuskhuri alphabet developed from. Georgian is written in its own writing system, the Georgian script. Old Georgian language; Georgian dialects; Georgian alphabet; Georgian calligraphy.

Another controversy regards the main influences at play in the Georgian alphabet, writing Georgian system with Georgian missionary activities in Languages: Georgian (originally) and other Kartvelian languages.

Sep 25,  · Georgian is the only language which uses this unique alphabet, one of the fourteen alphabets used currently in the world (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, etc.). It i.

Georgian alphabet writing activities
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