Double degree engineering business plan

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Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

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Business and Engineering

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Double degree

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Mechanical Engineering Firm Business Plan – Executive Summary Motown Mechanical Engineering Firm is a standard mechanical engineering firm that will be based in Detroit – Michigan, USA and will cover all our corporate and individual clients.

Ad Hoc Double Degree Programmes with Bachelor of Business Administration The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a pre-eminent broad-based leadership and management talent programme for sensitive, inquisitive and articulate students.

Mays Business School

The master of management (MM) dual degree program at UBC’s Sauder School of Business will allow students to integrate their undergraduate studies with a master of management — and earn both degrees in four and a half years.

“This is not a typical program in business,” said Laura Rojo, director of recruitment and admissions at Sauder. A degree plan is a definition of the course of study necessary to fulfill the requirement for graduation.

A degree plan is "major specific" and is established through collaboration between the student and the academic advisor for the student's major. In and out of the classroom, we offer numerous opportunities for you to learn and grow, to enhance the value of your degree, and to succeed.

The College of Engineering and its resources can help you succeed in your academic career. The biggest endorsement against doing this dual degree is the fact that the president of "Society of Business Engineers," someone who is a dual degree and started a club aimed at dual degrees, said it was a bad idea.

Double degree engineering business plan
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Ad hoc Double Degrees