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Department of Education's Classification of Instructional Programs - Writing Assignment: There will be a major writing assignment in this course. Details of the assignment will be provided during class and in the course Sakai site. Grades Your grade will be the result of the combination of your in-class participation and your exam scores, as follows: Exams 60% Clickers 20%.

Rutgers–Camden is a top research university in the Philadelphia area and a great value. Get your degree in business, arts, humanities, sciences, nursing, and more.

This is a detailed presentation about business writing. Including formal letters and emails; correct usage of punctuation, spelling, number usage, layout guidelines, salutations and valedictions.

This was created for my company specifically however I took out all official logos and replaced my 4/5(15). ScarletApps provides a wealth of resources for communication and collaboration that can enrich the learning, instructional and work environments of Rutgers student, faculty and staff.

We encourage you to explore the possibilities.

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