Beef jerky business plan example

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Starting a Jerky Business

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Business Plan for a New Small USDA Inspected Meat Processing Plant to Serve Local Livestock o Beef jerky o Beef snack sticks o Ground beef chubs o Pork ham o Pork bacon For the purposes of this business plan.

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beef jerky

Free Smoked Beef Jerky Smoked Beef Jerky Sample Business Plan for Smoked Beef Jerky - Business Plan # For people wanting to make beef jerky as a side business, and still retain a full time job, you will quite likely burn yourself out after a while.

As an example, one jerky owner had the 4th highest jerky sales in his state, but the disparity from 1st place to 4th place was quite large. This starting a jerky business page was one of the.

Beef jerky business plan example
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Smoked Beef JerkySmoked Beef Jerky - Business Plan #